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                首页    推荐职位    Service Center Manager

                Service Center Manager

                About the job

                The IKEA IMS Service Center Manager is responsible for the development of the people and the deliveries performed within the IKEA IMS Service Center.
                As part of the global Service Center management team, actively share responsibility for the Service Center function by promoting a common strategy, the agreed Business Plans and the IKEA IMS Service Center mission.
                An important part of the assignment is to build close business oriented relationships with key stakeholders, users and cross functions within IMS in order to drive performance and results.
                Define and lead specific Service Center action-plans, business initiatives, ways of working, competencies and opportunities to support the IKEA IMS Strategy.
                Ensure both operational and process KPI’s are monitored and communicated, identify improvements to promote meeting of defined targets.
                You will be an important contributor to the Area Management Team.

                If you…

                desire to make things happen by developing people, business and solutions
                have strong leadership and the passion to lead in culturally diverse and remote teams
                have good experience in collaborative functional organizations
                have knowledge of Customer Service and the passion to achieve a better customer experience